Jewelry with Candles a surprise jewel with each candle.

If you choose the Pink Flame Candle which is my favorite, you can pick your own special jewelry. Its worth the extra money

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4th of July Candle New Arrival!

Celebrate this Independence Day with honor. We are pleased to re-release the newest addition to our 4th of July collection. Inspired by our country's national anthem

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Join us at Jic Nation and sell Candles, Tarts, Coffees, and Skin Care

Need extra income? or perhaps a hobby? Sell JIC Candles with JIC Nation and earn extra income while having fun!

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Jewelry with Candles with JIC Nation

As candle lovers, we ventured into the industry looking for ways to enhance the candle experience. Our dream was to create candles that last longer, smell great, and are an eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles. We started with natural 100% soy wax that burns clean in your home, then we added premium fragrances that transform your space into a relaxing and blissful experience. Not to mention a dazzling gem in or alongside your candle or tart, waiting to be revealed!